Jahuan makes her appearance in Chapter !.


Jahuan is the older and overly protective sister of Laila. She and Laila are partners and work together on their parent's Moonberry Farm. She and Laila having no parents in their life, took over the farm and decided to grow moonberries just as their parents would. The sisters own a moonberry stand in the Stardust village and go there to sell moonberries. After her sister encountered three bunnies from earth, Winter, Christian, and Alyssia. The three bunnies had come to search for the Blizzard Key, an ancient Earth relic that had been stolen by Seraphim. After Jahuan treated the bunnies to blankets and hot cocoa, she was busy washing their uniforms when Laila decided to go to the far ends of the moon to help find the key. While helping the rabbits achieve their goal, the sisters are also searching for Z, a Lunar who the sisters idolized when they were younger.


Jahuan is a purple Lunar with floppy fuzzy ears. Her tail has a yellow stripe that can glow in the dark. She carries around a bag of seed bombs and a yoyo which she can throw around for fighting. she has a bright red scar that goes across her back after falling down Shadow mountain.