Laila is the main Character of the Lunar valley series and appears in the first chapter of Lunar Valley.


Laila is a Moonberry Farmer Her partner is her big sister, Jahuan and the two live and own their missing parent's farm. They sleep in the barn and harveest and sell moonberries to travellers and have their own moon berry stand in the Stardust Village. Laila is a moon inhabitant, and her and her sister's best Friend Z left the two in order to go on her own journey. While heading over towards the Stardust Village, she comes upon three Earth rabbits Winter, Christian, and Allysia, who are looking for the Blizzard Key, one of the four ancient Earth Relics that was stolen by Seraphim. Once she beats them in battle, she takes them back to their barn, warms them up and treats to the hot chocolate. Once she learns about the blizzard key, she and her overly protective sister Jahuan set out to find Z and to help the rabbits find their Key.


Laila is a white Lunar with black cross stripe patterns on both of her floppy ears. Her main body color is white, but she has a huge blue stripe starting from her head, making a huge circle around her muzzle. Laila carries around a magic bubble wand with a blue jewel located below the buuble wand's hole. She can make the wand dissapear into the jewel, but enjoys carrying it on her back.